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Name: Kit   
Relation: brother
Time and Date Submitted:  11:53 pm   2/16/2001

I guess since I was the one to make this page, I should be the first to make an entry into the memory book. One of the greatest memories I have of Cody is the day I said I would ordain him to be a deacon. When he first asked me if I would ordain him, I was scared half to death. I told him I would think about it and he got a sad look on his face. I said a couple of prayers and felt like it would be the right thing to do. When I told him I would do it, he got a big smile on his face and let me know how excited he was to become a deacon. After I ordained him, the holy ghost was so strong and we were so happy. Cody jumped on me and gave me a big hug. I am so glad I was able to do that for him. I think that experience helped me grow closer to Cody and to my Savior. I can't wait to see both of them again.

Name: Christine   
Relation: Mom
Time and Date Submitted:  8:38 am   2/23/2001

I loved Cody's sensitivity. When he was about 4, my Grandmother (Faye Williams) took us to see the movie "Homeward Bound." I noticed that near the end, Cody was so touched that he had tears running down his cheeks. He also had tears in his eyes when his little brother Jace was born, as he watched the process of birth. My most powerful memory of this, however, is the last time he bore his testimony on the day Jace was blessed. He was very emotional as he told everyone he had the "best Mom to take care of me."
Cody also liked to take my cart to the cart stall in the supermarket parking lots, since I was too lazy to do it and would leave the cart by the parking spot.
Cody liked to make "mini-pizzas," so we would do that for his birthday parties sometimes.  He also would make "mini-mini" pizzas by taking a piece of pepperoni, putting pizza sauce on it, and topping it with cheese!  (this would go right in his mouth).  Now I'm hooked on them!

Name: Phyllis Williams   
Relation: grandma (gammy)
Time and Date Submitted:  4:11 pm   2/23/2001

   I was so lucky to be Cody's grandma, and to be able to spend so much time with him. He found delight in so many things in life. He was fun to watch when playing his video games. He was so intense and competetive. It was fun to be at his home when he came home from school all smiles and happy to see whomever was there. I was lucky enough to be there when he came home with his last school picture. He had his big smile on as he handed it to his mom, and when she commented on how good it was he said "I think it's my best picture ever". I had to agree. I was also a privilege to be in the room when Kit ordained him to the aaronic priesthood. After he shook a few hands of the men in the circle he turned and jumped in Kit's arms - he was so happy to have Kit ordain him.
   I also will never forget how he watched Kit and Amy in their track meets and kept track of how they were doing. He cheered them on and loved to go down on the field and "hang out" around them and the other team mates after their events. He would have loved to be doing track things too, but he didn't complain - he was happy for his brother and sister!
   I am so glad we have videos and pictures of Cody singing and acting. He was so cute on the stage, and everyone could tell he was having the most fun of anyone! Cody always lit up the room during family get togethers, and if there was a birthday cake he loved to sit by the birthday person and get in the pictures, help light and blow out candles. Luckily we have all of those pictures. Every one in the family always commented on what a "cool kid" he was.
   He didn't like to have to be in the hospital, but we were nearly always greeted with a smile (unless he was feeling pretty sick). He was always grateful for little gifts and surprises, and didn't complain much. He seemed to be able to cheer everyone else up when we were pretty worried. He was a very sweet boy and he will live in my heart forever.

Name: Christy Goodwin   
Relation: step sister in law
Time and Date Submitted:  12:24 pm   3/9/2001

Cody was such a cute little boy and I feel very priveledged to have known him. I have many memories of him, but the memory that stands out the most is when he sang at my wedding. That will always stay with me. That indeed was the best wedding present that Ryan and I had received. I will keep Cody's sweet spirit with me always.

Name: Peggy Parsons   
Relation: Grandma
Time and Date Submitted:  5:35 pm   3/11/2001

I wrote this  for Jeff, Cody's dad, and also sent a copy to Christine.
  Cody, dear little Cody, had a wonderful zest for life
  But his heart, that vital organ, put him through much strife.
  Now his days are over, he has finished his mortal role
  Yet his passing has created a void deep within your soul.
  You'll live now with only memories which you'll cherish through the years
  Sometimes when you recall them you'll shed a few more tears.
  Time, hopefully, will ease the hurting sting of losing him
  And although his unselfish  spirit and winsome smile may dim,
  Those treasurers without measure will live on forever.
  Nothing can erase the moments you shared,
  Neither time nor distance can sever the joy you savored together.
  His loyalty to the Broncos and their colors, orange and blue
  Matched the appeal of his precious nature--honest, brave and true.
  No one loved life more than Cody
  And you're fortunate, you see,
  To have fathered/mothered, nourished and accompanied his journey here.
  So know in your heart and rejoice that Cody has no fear
  For he completed his purpose on earth with grace
  And has gone to live in a far better place.
  Be comforted that angels and departed relatives knew your pain
  Even as they welcomed him.  Your loss is heaven's gain.
     - October 25, 2000  

I have lots of fond memories of Cody, and I'll share just a few.

In June, 1992, the Saturday before Cody had his first major heart surgery, I drove from our new cabin in Fairview to Park City to watch Jeff, Christine, Kit and Amy compete in a track meet.  For some reason, Cody chose me to be his companion that day, and I've always cherished the memories we made.  When he wanted something to eat, he wanted me to give it to, or get it for him.  When he needed a bathroom, he insisted I take him.  While his family competed, we watched, and cheered them on.  In between, we took walks and cuddled under a blanket  when we got cold.  

Another summer, probably the next one, his family and Marv & Ruth's were going to Cedar City to compete in the Summer Games.  Cody stayed overnight with Grandpa Bill and I.  We took him golfing, and let him drive the golf cart.  He was so little, he had to stand up (on one foot) to see, and use his other foot to press the gas pedal while he steered.  He was adorable and careful, and listened to  when we told him to left, right, or straight.  He didn't drive into the ditch until the next summer when his dad and Jacob and David were with him!

A few summers later, Grandpa Bill and I drove  Cody, Jacob and David from Salt Lake to our cabin.  The boys laughed and giggled and whispered a lot, and then surprised us by booming out the following song:

    This is the song that never ends, and it goes on and on my friend,
    Some people started singin' it, not knowin' what it was,
    And now continue singin' it forever just because,
    This is the song that never ends...

Name: Kristy Frustaci   
Relation: friend
Time and Date Submitted:  9:45 am   3/16/2001

I don't really have any specific memories of Cody, but I do remember how happy and kind he always was. His warm and cheerful face would always greet me when I would come by to pick up Kit or Amy for something, and I can still see him smiling every Sunday as he sat in church. He is truly one of God's chosen, and I know that he is still just as full of life on the other side as he ever was here.

Name: Clare Williams   
Relation: Grandfather ("Papa")
Time and Date Submitted:  12:19 pm   3/18/2001

   Cody was always spiritually mature for his age. He came into the world that way, and he grew spiritually at a faster pace than one might expect for someone his age. This was particularly evident during his last few months with us. We can never fully understand the extent of the heart ache and discouragement that Cody must have felt, at least from time to time, over his limiting and life threatening condition. Cody loved life and wanted to live and experience life so very much. He knew he could die if he did not take care of himself, and he must have worried about his future often. But he seldom appeared down and seldom expressed his fears and concerns openly. He seldom complained about his difficult situation or felt sorry for himself. Rather, Cody was almost always of "good cheer" and positive about his family, life in general, and his own future. He was happy and busy and often the "life of the party" wherever he was. He made us happy to be around him. He stood as a constant reminder, at least to me, to be grateful for my blessings. I believe that as the Lord was preparing to take Cody He was helping Cody to get ready to leave. Cody did not act his age in so many ways the last few months of his life. Sibling rivaly is such a normal feeling between brothers and sisters, but I saw no such feelings in Cody. Rather then feel sorry that he could not run and jump like Kit and Amy, be seemed to be able to put those feelings aside and become their greatest cheerleader and supporter. Where at one time, when he was younger, he seemed bored and inattentive at a track meet or concert, during his last year or two he seemed to look forward to going and cheering and supporting, and he would openly feel so badly if he had to miss a performance. Even if Kit's or Amy's performance was not up to par, Cody wanted to be on the field and to identify with them if he could. He would follow them around and try to be close to them. Oft times it seemed that they did not even know he was there, but it made no difference to Cody. Cody loved them and was proud of them no matter how well they did. Cody set a great example of loving and caring even when the love and attention he was giving was not always immediately returned. This is called unconditional love. It is the way the Savior loves us. It is a gift of the Spirit and one of the many gifts that Cody was exhibiting as his time to leave us neared. His heart felt expressions of love for the Savior, appreciation for a wonderful Mom who took care of him so well, and his spontaneous expressions of love for and gratitude to a brother who was worthy and willing to give him the priesthood that he wanted to have so much, are vivid and wonderful memories I will never forget.
   Cody also exhibted an unusual love and tenderness for his youger brothers. It seemed as if he loved them with greater love and feeling than was possible for such a young man to show. I did not know that it was possible for someone of Cody's age (a normally selfish and difficult almost teenager) to love a younger sibling as much as Cody obviously loved Kylan. Of course, Cody was not acting his spiritual age. Cody and Kylan were truly kindred spirits who have known each for much longer than their earthly years. One other memory. Cody was present when his Uncle Scott was ordained a High Priest and set apart as a counsel in the Bishopric. Afterwards most everyone present (and there were many) came up and congratulated Scott wishing him well. I watched Cody try to do the same. He was having a hard time because everyone else was so much bigger and he kept being pushed aside. But he did not give up. He finally just stayed in the background until there was an opening and then came forward and stuck out his hand and gave his "congratulations." I believe he understood the signifigance of what had happened, and he was truly happy for Scott. Cody loved his family, every one. He loved the Lord. And in spite of the serious difficulties he had to live with he loved life. What a great example he was and is for all of us to follow. I have no doubt where Cody is and what he is doing now. I only hope and pray that I can be worthy to be with him again.

Name: Jordan Wells   
Relation: friend
Time and Date Submitted:  8:32 pm   3/21/2001

Cody and I were playing together and my mom asked if we wanted to go to ALTA to give my brother some dinner because he had been practicting hard.  We couldn't find a door that was open, so Cody and I checked every door.  When we finally found a door that was open.  Cody was just staring at the characters in the play and that was when I knew he loved acting.

Name: Jonathan Adams   
Relation: friend
Time and Date Submitted:  4:41 pm   3/22/2001

I knew Cody when we were friends back in the second grade. I remember Cody as a very bright, talented, and special young man. I feel I can call him a man because he was so very mature and wise beyond his years for his age. The best characteristic of Cody was his heart-touching smile. It always was able to bring a smile to others faces as well! Cody had a wonderful singing voice! When he was in my chorus class he was the envy of all the boys in our class. One of my most memorable times with Cody was when he was running for student body council. He had many supporters to back him up, me being one. Cody will always be near to my heart. As well as the memories! I know that Cody is in a better place where he can do all the things he desired here on Earth. See you soon buddy!!!

Name: don't say   
Relation: friend
Time and Date Submitted:  5:42 pm   3/26/2001

He was so awsome!!!!!!!!!! He was a good friend.

Name: Adri   
Relation: None-Do Not Know Him
Time and Date Submitted:  9:06 pm   5/13/2001

To be completely honest, I do not know how I managed to stumble onto this page but I am not offering pity when I say I am sorry. I am offering my condolensces. I do not know what happened to him but I get the idea. From the looks of it you had a pretty good person in your lives and if anything be happy that the Lord chose your family to grace his presence with.

Name: Kim Haynes   
Relation: long time neigbor, friend of christine's
Time and Date Submitted:  11:47 pm   8/5/2001

cody was the most adorable little boy, he was so shy with me i was in my late teens, and cody was 3 or 4.  i always wanted him to come over and talk to me and he never would.  i would say "cody come over here and see me" he would put his head down and have a little smile, and keep walking. I would then say "cody if you dont come see me i'm going to come get you and kiss you." he would quick look at me and then run as fast as he could. this is a woderful website for him. you are all such a great family, i wish the very best for you all.

Name: N/A   
Relation: friend
Time and Date Submitted:  2:04 pm   8/13/2001

cody is so cute!  i remember walking to school and everyone was saying cody had died. it was really sad.    cody had alot of people who loved him and cared for him!!!!

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